Introducing a unique conference format. EDGE is set to merge live & online gaming like never before, creating a dynamic space where new ideas flourish and meaningful connections are made. The event will feature 20 insightful workshops, 50 exhibitors, and exciting live tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000 – making this an unmissable experience. Gaming has never been so real. Bridging industry professionals and high-value players. EDGE engages high-value business people and high-value players in the same vibrant space. This approach will fill the gap between B2B and B2C,  driving collaboration and growth in a completely new way, while creating unparalleled networking opportunities. The world’s largest poker forum. EDGE celebrates poker as a thriving industry with limitless potential. We amplify your big ideas, products, and campaigns in an engaging and friendly environment. Entrance to EDGE is free for all, ensuring everyone can participate, contribute, and have fun. Shaping the future of gaming. EDGE is committed to designing the future across the “two E’s”: Emotions and Experiences. From carefully crafted workshops to inspiring speakers, live streamed shows to massive tournament prize pools, EDGE delivers valuable and original content that wants to drive industry change. The ultimate multi-vertical and multi-horizontal networking hub. The melting pot of people will build friendships, drive leads, create quality content, and boost brand awareness. Visit Website