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The website (hereinafter the “website” or the “POKERLOAD website”) as well as the POKERLOAD mobile application (hereinafter the “mobile application” or the “POKERLOAD application”) are provided by the company VERNAS ENTERPRISES LTD (hereinafter the “company”). The POKERLOAD application exclusively offers online services, allowing its users to search, find, and reserve available places/seats on poker games to be exclusively taking place/played at any licenced casino in accordance to applicable laws. At the same time, through the POKERLOAD application, users may be informed about available games which are listed as such on the mobile application, as well as to purchase through the mobile application, casino chips for their use in a specific game in which they have reserved a seat through the POKERLOAD application. The POKERLOAD application can be downloaded from any downloading platform (App Store and Play Store) which are available on iOS and Android operating systems on mobile phones, tablets and co1mputers. Through the POKERLOAD website and the POKERLOAD application, our company is committed to provide as accurate and up-to-date information as possible in relation to the POKERLOAD application, as well as in relation to the terms and conditions applicable to provision of our services.


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the POKERLOAD website and the POKERLOAD application shall be jointly hereafter referred to as the “POKERLOAD platform” or the “platform”, when the context permits.


The company under the name “VERNAS ENTERPRISES LTD” is a company registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number C402415, which performs business under the trade name “POKERLOAD”, a trade name registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number […………….] The registered office of the company is located at Mystras 4, 1055 Nicosia, Cyprus. VAT registration number of the company is [………………….].


Our company is committed in protecting its users’ privacy. We will only use information that we collect about our users in accordance with the applicable law. More information regarding the privacy policy adopted by our company can be found posted on our POKERLOAD website and application.


To contact us for any reason, the contact details of our company are the following: Address: Mystras 4, 1055 Nicosia, Cyprus Telephone Line: [ ] Email:



The data presented on this website and the POKERLOAD application have been prepared by our company for information purposes only. The transmission of material and information contained on this website and/or the POKERLOAD application, is not intended to create, and their receipt is not a conclusion of any contractual or other relationship with our company.


You can contact us by sending us an email or through the specified fields embedded in the POKERLOAD application. If you contact us via email or through our mobile application regarding any issues you may face, you should note that the security of the internet and email is uncertain. By sending sensitive or confidential information via non-encrypted emails, you accept the risks of such insecurity over the Internet.



Through the POKERLOAD application, our company provides fully updated and real time information, regarding the operation of the mobile application, the applicable terms and conditions regarding the use of the mobile application as well as in relation to any terms and conditions which may apply to the provision of our services and/or functions of the POKERLOAD application. Information regarding poker games will be posted through the POKERLOAD application, such as the type of game (tournament or cash game), place, time, minimum purchase amount of chips to enter a specific game (if applicable), availability and other information. This information is based on information which is generated and provide by the providers/casinos, who update the mobile application at their absolute convenience and available time, through a designated system to which they have access and without any intervention by us. Therefore, our company has no control over this information and therefore our company is not responsible for any omission and/or error and/or inaccuracy in the presentation of this information and/or the information. Furthermore, the comments appearing on the POKERLOAD platform in relation to the services offered in the POKERLOAD application are comments of users and not those of a certified facility / service rating agency. VERNAS ENTERPRISES LTD is not responsible for the content of such reviews, rating and/or user comments.


Anyone may use the services offered via the POKERLOAD application only if he/she is accepted as a registered user on the POKERLOAD application. By creating an account and registering with the POKERLOAD application, a registered user understands and accepts that our company VERNAS ENTERPRISES LTD, in association with our associated casinos/providers, maintains a ‘Database of Banned Persons’ which contains information regarding POKERLOAD registered users who have been banned and/or excluded for any reason from casinos, for protecting the credibility of our mobile application and the integrity of the game. For the purposes aforementioned, information included in the ‘Database of Banned Persons’ is shared between our associated casinos/providers and is not deleted, even if a banned person deletes his/her POKERLOAD account. More information on the functioning and use of our ‘Database of Banned Persons’ may be found in our Privacy Policy, here.


The use of the POKERLOAD application is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years. Therefore, we do not allow any users under the age twenty-one (21), to create an account and register with the POKERLOAD application and/or otherwise gain access to our service provided thereon. In the event where any such incident is brought to our attention, we shall immediately delete the respective account.


When any service is purchased through the POKERLOAD application, the registered user automatically enters into a contractual relationship with the licenced casino, in which the poker game for which the registered user has reserved a seat, is offered. Any use or interaction with the POKERLOAD application does not imply a contractual relationship with our company.


A registered user can search through the POKERLOAD application for poker games, using specific criteria for obtaining results / options. These criteria are determined by the licenced casino which organises the poker game in question. After finding an available seat on a poker game through the POKERLOAD application and after the completion of a purchase or reservation of a seat at a poker game through the POKERLOAD application, the personal information of the user corresponding to the purchase of the service, is transmitted to the respective service provider/casino via a CRM secured platform, so that the reservation provider is notified of the reservation made through the mobile application. The service provider shall proceed to register the user in question on the electronic system of the casino and reserve the service which has been purchased. The POKERLOAD application also sends a confirmation email to the registered user regarding the purchase on behalf of the provider/casino. The provider/casino will conduct an independent search regarding the personal information entered by the registered user, to evaluate the registered user and verify whether entrance in the casino premises will be permitted. If a registered user for whatever reason will not be permitted to enter the casino premises and attend the game in which he/she reserved a seat, the registered user will be notified accordingly, either in advance of the game via the POKERLOAD platform or upon arrival of the player at the casino premises (as the case may be). For each service selected, the rules of each casino hosting the game will apply, on which our company has no control. Hence, if for any reason a player is rejected and/or excluded and/or banned from a game or from entering the premises of a casino, VERNAS ENTERPRISES LTD shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.


The POKERLOAD application will not verify the details of the registered user when he/she registers as a user in the POKERLOAD application. The identification of personal details will be carried out upon the registered user’s arrival at the casino/provider premises where the poker game will take place. It is always necessary to bring at the game the official identification document (Identity Card) which was submitted during the registered user’s registration on the mobile application. In case the identification document presented is different from the one registered during the registration in the application, there is a possibility that the registered user will not be allowed to enter the casino/provider premises.


Regarding the service provided via the POKERLOAD application, we charge a licence fee calculated as follows: • For cash games: licence fee is equal to triple of the big blind of the selected game. There will be no minimum buy in amount for cash poker games. • For tournament games: licence fee shall be charged at the rate of 4%, on the buy-in amount to be purchased. The licence fee is not applicable on any registration/entry fee (if any) which may be imposed by the provider/casino. It should be noted that to be permitted registration at a poker tournament, possible minimum buy-in amounts may be set for each poker game, as may be determined by the casino. Any registered user may if he/she wishes may rebuy/add-on his/her chips during a started game in which he/she participates using the POKERLOAD application. In such a case if the initial reservation of the seat at the said game, was made via the POKERLOAD application, no licence fee shall apply on the rebuys and add-ons (as the case may be) and only bank charges will apply. In case the initial reservation was not made via the POKERLOAD application, all charges (including licence fee and bank charges) shall apply.


If any registered user wishes to cancel his/her reservation made via the POKERLOAD application, the cancellation can be made by clicking on the ‘Cancel Booking’ Button found in the ‘Bookings’ tap.


Regarding cancellations of the different types of poker games, the following terms shall apply: • Cancellation policy is defined differently according to the type of game i.e. whether for a tournament or a cash game. • Cancellations regarding both tournament and cash games reservations, may be made at any time before the scheduled starting time of the respective poker game, whereby full refund (including the licence fee) shall be granted. • In cash games reservations, it may be possible to cancel a reservation up to one (1) hour after the reservation time, provided that the poker game is already started at the time of reservation. In this case, only the amount charged for the value of the chips shall be refunded, but the applicable licence fee shall not be refunded. • If any registered user does not show within one (1) hour at the selected cash game, in which he/she reserved a seat via the POKERLOAD application and has not cancelled the said reservation through the POKERLOAD application, the reservation shall automatically be cancelled. In such a case, any funds paid for the reservation shall not be refunded. • In tournament games reservations, if any registered user does not show after the start of the scheduled tournament poker game the whole amount paid shall not be refunded. • In case entrance in the casino hosting the selected game, for a registered user is not be permitted then the reservation shall be cancelled automatically and the money shall be refunded to the registered user. • In relation to each poker game, the cancellation policy is visible on the reservation field of the mobile application and can be read by the registered user before reservation through the POKERLOAD application. The cancellation policy is also sent to the registered user’s email, after a reservation is completed. • In case of cancellation of a poker game by the casino, for any reason, registered users affected, will be informed through the mobile application and/or by email and full refund including licence fee shall apply.


The casinos whose games are displayed in the POKERLOAD application, are licensed and/or certified by the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission and/or any other competent authority in the country of operation of each casino. The said casinos have a contractual relationship with our company. Under this contractual relationship, our company is considered to receive the licence fee charged from the provider/casino. In case of any breach of the contractual obligations of the provider/casino generated from our contractual relationship, the services may not appear on the POKERLOAD application for purchase/reservation by registered users.


Our providers/casinos do not necessarily post on the POKERLOAD application, all available places/seats of a poker game. Nevertheless, we require our providers/casinos to always maintain in the POKERLOAD application, a minimum number of available seats and simultaneously to keep the POKERLOAD application fully informed in real time regarding the availability of their poker games. Hence, a seat available through the POKERLOAD application, may become unavailable prior to checkout/payment. We advise to always check the availability of the selected service before proceeding with its payment.


The reservation services presented on the POKERLOAD application are the services available from the providers/casinos we work with. The POKERLOAD application does not in any case present the services which are provided on all casinos of an area and in any case of casinos which do not work with us.


The minimum or maximum buy-ins for cash poker games and fixed price and registration/entry fees for tournament games provided through the POKERLOAD application are set and posted by the respective provider/casino. The cost shown may correspond to the value of the minimum or maximum buy-ins available for cash poker games and fixed price and registration/entry fees for tournament games, which the registered user may choose to buy for use in the poker game the registered use may wish to reserve a seat at, and which is displayed at the time the registered user has been searching in the mobile application (date and time from – to). Usually, the prices which appear in the POKERLOAD application include the current VAT and any other taxes. Where taxes are not included in the quoted price, it will be explicitly stated in the price presentation.


The payment of the reservation services provided for poker games is made by using a debit card through the reliable payment service [………………………..], with which we work with. The terms and conditions governing the payment service which handles the payments, are notified to the registered users upon completion of their reservation payment. Our company does not have access or control in any way in the payment processing and therefore does not have access to any information entered by registered users to complete the payment of the reservation services for the poker games purchased, including information about debit cards. Once the payment of the reservation services has been completed, the amount corresponding to the price of the services purchased is blocked in the debit card and the service will be paid upon completion of the poker game, in accordance with the cancellation policy. In case of a valid and timely cancellation of the reservation service purchased, the amount corresponding to the price of the service, shall be released in whole or in part from the debit card, according to the above cancellation policy.


In connection with reservation services available through the POKERLOAD application, individual operating rules may apply. The individual operating rules are determined exclusively by the respective provider/casino and registered users shall be notified of such rules during the reservation of such service through the POKERLOAD application. We require our associates to inform and update the POKERLOAD platform at all times, regarding any operating rules which must be complied with in order to provide the POKERLOAD service with completeness, accuracy and correctness. However, it must be noted that our company has no control over this content and therefore, is not responsible for any omission and/or error and/or inaccuracy and/or failure of a provider/casino to notify registered users of such operating rules.


The POKERLOAD application provide to registered users, if they wish so, the option to set a self-limit (daily, weekly or monthly) regarding the amount they will be able to use in total for purchasing services using the POKERLOAD application. In case such a set self-limit is exceeded, the POKERLOAD application will not allow the registered user to proceed with the purchase of reservation services concerning poker games through his/her POKERLOAD account.



Our company owns and retains all copyrights, including registered or unregistered trademarks, database rights and other intellectual property rights contained in the POKERLOAD website and POKERLOAD application, and any related documents posted thereon.


The registered users of the POKERLOAD application must comply with all regulations related to copyrights and other property rights in accordance with the current and applicable copyright protection legislation.


If any user enters his/her email or telephone number in field in the POKERLOAD application, he/she agrees to receive updates from us for the following purposes: • To receive promotional and/or other updates regarding our services and/or our partners and/or other issues, by phone or email. In each of our emails there is the option “unsubscribe” if anyone does not wish to receive further updates from us. Registered users have the option to enable push notifications from the POKERLOAD application, to receive information on available poker games in accordance with the registered user’s preferences. This feature may be disabled at any time, at the registered user’s option, through the application settings of the mobile application.



It should be noted that each registered user of the POKERLOAD application is solely responsible for anything he/she posts, comments or publishes on the POKERLOAD application, where this feature is available.


POKERLOAD application registered users agree that they will not use, for the publication or transmission, where this feature is available, any content that is illegal, offensive, defamatory, and in any way contrary to the existing laws and good morals, or subject to contractual commitments, or violates the privacy of any third party, shows empathy or expresses racial, ethnic and other discrimination, uses hate speech, or may harm minors in any way or infringes any patent, trademark rights or other proprietary rights, contains software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, corrupt any software or computer hardware, or in any way infringes the applicable national and European legislation and existing provisions, or may harass third parties in any way.


In any case, the administrator of the POKERLOAD application has the right at his/her absolute discretion, to delete content which may be considered contrary to the above and may exclude any user, registered or not, from using the POKERLOAD application.


When purchasing poker services through the POKERLOAD application, a contractual relationship is established between the service provider/casino and the registered user. Therefore, any claim regarding the use of the service should be addressed directly to the respective provider/casino. For any disputes arising from the use of our reservation poker services via the POKERLOAD application, the laws of the Republic of Cyprus to which these Terms and Conditions are subject will apply.


Use the POKERLOAD platform signifies the acceptance and consent to the Privacy Policy of our company, which is posted on the POKERLOAD website and POKERLOAD application, as well as the present Terms and Conditions of the website and mobile application.


The company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and in any case the amended Terms and Conditions will be posted on the POKERLOAD website and the POKERLOAD application.

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